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Serial Numbers on Grills

Please note that Onward Manufacturing (Huntington), Weber, and Nexgrill require a serial number of the grill to be entered into the comments field when placing parts orders. In addition, for customer parts orders, Weber and Vision Grills have provided their 1-800 number under the description of each grill.

Increased Order Quantities on top Grill Parts

We have increased the available order quantity on the top ordered grill parts to help with the increased demand this season. This will allow you to have a few extra of these items on hand if needed.

Select Brinkmann parts have been reactivated on RPP for ordering. Please note that the quantities of these parts are limited when placing your order.

Please place a separate order for any full door displays – do not combine them with orders for other materials such as replacement parts, headers, or labels. This will allow Andersen to process and expedite incoming requests more efficiently.
Hose Replacement Guide and You Tube Video:
Hose Replacement Guide and Youtube Video: A step by step guide for replacing the hoses on pod displays is now available under the manuals and guides link. Links to the same information or to view the video are also accessible under each pull-down and pull-out hardware kit in the pod hardware/kits category.
D26 Cont...


The initial orders for display PODs are shipped by Signum and should arrive one week prior to the project start date. They will arrive in multiple packages that include the pod with faucet with POP taped to the back of the fixture. If the shipment cannot be located, please check the tracking number associated with your store in the project information and verify with receiving to determine if these items are missing from the initial shipment or are lost in the store. Request items to be re-shipped through RPP and EPOP only after verifying that they have not been received, and indicate that you have attempted to locate the initial shipment in your request. Set missing items upon arrival to the store. Please do not close out the project until items are set.

POD Inventory Report

The link below will provide you a monthly update of pod displays that are currently out of stock at Signum. Signum is working with the specific manufacturers to replenish the supply. If you have an order outstanding for one of these pods, please do not enter a duplicate order for the display. All pod display orders in "processing" status will ship. Duplicate orders will delay the process and will be marked "Will Not Ship - contact Supplier". You can look up existing orders for your store by running the Store Order History report, which is available on the right hand tool bar of RPP.

Waxman Hose Kit
The Waxman hose kit for SKUS 1000055744, 1000055745, 565391, 900089, 1000961467, and 1000961426 have been temporarily inactivated. The recent project should now be closed out as directed. A new ISSR will be initiated mid-year and new pods and hoses will be sent.

SKU 1001-811-563
Shower Pod for Glacier Bay 56081-X401 – This pod will not be available to ship until April.
SKUs 529222 and 529427
These SKUs have been temporarily inactivated. These pods will be shipping as a part of a July ISSR. Please look for new displays at that time.

Recently Added Manufacturers
  • D.30 - AW Chandler
  • D.28 - Poulan Pro (Husqvarna)
Store Usage Reports

We've created a new reporting interface which allows you to see the number of orders placed by store by department. Managers can now easily identify opportunities with the stores in their district or region. Simply click the link below to enter the reporting tool:

View Store Usage Reports

The Replacement Parts Pros  

The Replacement Parts Pros is an innovative program that provides a streamlined interface for our vendor and retail partners to service replacement parts, point of purchase and literature replenishment needs.

A comprehensive ordering vehicle for:
  • Missing parts from RTV'd goods
  • Missing parts from display models
  • Point of purchase materials / POD Labels / Fixture Cards / Signage
Accurate and informative reporting.
  • Order placement tracking and history
  • Report breakdowns by store, part, user or rep group
  • Email notification when the order is placed, processed and shipped
  • Shipment tracking information provided with orders
  • Each line item is individualy tagged for a clear status on the item
Professional training and support
Additional features and benefits
  • Product Knowledge Info
  • Sku listings
  • E-mail based product updates
  • New product introduction announcements
  • 100% updated & accurate ordering detail
  • Order placement tracking & history
  • 24/7/365 accessibility to web site
  • Improved execution at store level

The bottom line; Replacement Parts Pros creates better looking store displays and reduced RTV's which result in increased floor sales.

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